The Most Versatile Martial Artist Series

Presented by Grand Master James Cox

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4 Separate Courses combined into a single series; breaking down multiple Martial Artists combinations, drills, styles and skills.

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Invaluable Foundation Skills

Martial Arts foundations; basics presented step-by-step in a more advanced way:

Ultimate Self-Defense

10 Ultimate Self-Defense Kajukembo based drills:

The complete set of 10 will prepare you to defend yourself from a variety of situations in a number of different styles.

Kickboxing Combinations

10 Kickboxing combinations:

10 different power and speed kickboxing combinations broken down to incorporate into your own practice routines.

Kajukembo Grab Arts

15 Kajukembo Grab Arts:

15 separate Kajukembo based grab arts; the original set endorsed by the founder of the American Kajukembo Association.

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7 FREE Instructional Videos:

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