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The Most Versatile Martial Artist Series

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Get Certified by Grand Master James Cox in his multi-level online martial arts training program. The Versatile Martial Artist Series. Step-by-step, digitally delivered video instruction material.

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Local James Cox Martial Arts Members

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Grand Master James Cox - Most Versatile Martial Artist

"My biggest goal while empowering lives through the martial arts is to guarantee that all of my students will be good at every aspect, to not be limited to any one certain style or method, but to become the most well rounded complete martial artist possible."

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Raymon SaucedoJames Cox - Premier Martial Arts (Abilene)
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I’ve had such a long history at this school. When I was 15, I was a really out of shape teenager. At 5’5, 210lbs I didn’t really have much self confidence, let alone self image. After a year of kickboxing classes with GM James Cox, my weight dropped all the way down to about 135-140. Fast forward to age 21, I wanted to fulfill a personal goal of earning a black belt in a martial art. After doing their martial arts program for the past three years (24yrs now) I am getting prepared to make that goal. They offer so much at premier martial arts (Abilene); from friendship, personal challenges, confidence, and the great feeling of success. Please stop by and see what premier can do for you!
Collin PittmanJames Cox - Premier Martial Arts (Wylie)
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This place makes my day and is always a blast! Love learning new techniques and getting a good workout in! And the people are awesome. #kickboxing
Francesca Helm HancockJames Cox - Premier Martial Arts (Abilene)
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My boys have been attending classes for going on 5 years! They have gained strength, stamina, respect for others, good self-defense skills and situational awareness, and so many other benefits! I really appreciate Grand Master (James Cox) and all of the instructors that have invested in my kids!
Tony BarkerJames Cox - Premier Martial Arts (Abilene)
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Grand Master James Cox never set out to become one of the highest-ranking Martial Artists in the world. His passion and dedication — relentlessly pursued without pause for his entire adult life — has earned this recognition, but when you see him on the training floor, pointing his students toward a level of Excellence that they never knew was inside them, you know what matters to him. I have trained under several instructors, and learned from masters in a variety of fields, but I have never been so richly rewarded for my time and effort as with Grand Master James Cox.
Misty Searcy JenkinsJames Cox - Premier Martial Arts (Wylie)
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Great place to impact your kids in a positive manner. Teaches them respect, confidence, discipline and self defense. So glad to be apart of the Premier family.
Ethan TauntonJames Cox - Premier Martial Arts (Abilene)
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My personal experience here at Premier Martial Arts in Abilene has been an amazing and positive experience for the past 3 YEARS and still counting! I started as a young troubled teenager, attending 2 classes a week. As the months went by I started to really grasp the knowledge and personal development I was being given. 6 months down this life changing road I started to help out with the kids classes, I found a love, passion and desired to teach the kids the SAME thing that had a life changing effect on me! I wouldn't change working with Grand Master James Cox for the world!
Frankie McleanJames Cox - Premier Martial Arts (Abilene)
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James cox is one of the best trainers you could ever ask for I will forever be a loyal student of his.

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