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Episode 770 – Grand Master James Cox (whistlekick Martial Arts Radio)

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Grand Master James Cox is a Martial Arts Practitioner and Instructor at the Premier Martial Arts in Texas.

When you go into another school you can have that white belt mindset. That purity, that innocence. Then you’re open to be a sponge.

Grand Master James Cox – Episode 770: I have been teaching full-time for well over 3 decades, my professional career is to empower lives through the martial arts by building complete well-rounded Black Belts. In over a 25-year period, I competed in an average of 25 tournaments a year, I fought more than 1,800 sport karate point fights in more than 600 tournaments. I proudly placed in the top three at every tournament. I was undefeated for many years and won countless Grand Championships. I also retired with a sanctioned full-contact kickboxing record of 11 wins and 2 losses with two National middleweight titles and won several unsanctioned boxing and MMA fights.

I regularly perform demonstrations, as well as motivational speaking, and teach seminars for all types of organizations. One of the most rewarding things about being an instructor is the ability to pass on the lifelong benefits of Martial Arts with the tools to succeed as they were handed to me so many years ago. I am truly blessed by, and grateful for, the ability to hand those same tools to so many people daily; to give others the skills to change their life path and create their own success.

In this episode, Grand Master James Cox talks about his lifelong journey to the Martial Arts that started when a girl she liked invited her to the dojo. Grand Master Cox also shares the origins of Kajukembo and the moment he started teaching. Listen to learn more!

Show notes You may check out Grand Master James Cox’s Bio and School here.

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