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FREE Top Seven 2020 Bonus Instructional Training Videos

FREE Top Seven 2020 Bonus Instructional Training Videos

By Grand Master James Cox

Join Grand Master James Cox of Premier Martial Arts in Abilene Texas, in this free 7 episode martial arts video compilation of various insightful martial arts kicking, hitting, controlling, fighting, exercising and more.

These short, hyper-focused martial arts video tips aim to help you be a better martial artist or self-defense practitioner. Grand Master James Cox breaks down the details of important elements that include something for everyone to learn.

How and Why to Kick More with the Lead Leg


Learn details of throwing 4 different spinning kicks correctly


Controlling a person by “manipulating hinges” for self defense!


Ways to throw the most effective body shots on the street or in competition!


How to use simple jump rope for better fitness and fighting!


Falling and standing back up correctly could save your life and is a great workout!


Using shadow fighting for developing MMA skills with a true purpose!


Enjoy this FREE 7 Video course on these effective fighting and training techniques provided by Grand Master James Cox.

Coming soon to James Cox Martial Arts is a comprehensive online martial arts training series teaching the overall most valuable, effective aspects for self defense and fighting to develop a well rounded martial artist. Quizzes, question and answer, live access online or in-person directly to Grand Master James Cox. Get certified in the Most Versatile Martial Artists series and get access to a membership dashboard for ongoing education, and more.

"THE MOST VERSATILE MARTIAL ARTIST SERIES" consisting of different complete courses with everything all in one place.