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Premier Martial Arts Abilene Texas 2023 Value Cards

Premier Martial Arts Abilene Texas 2023 Value Cards

Premier Students / Parents

EASY MONEY FUNDRAISER FOR YOU! Here is some FREE QUICK spending money to shop with at our huge Holiday Sale on Nov. 3rd – 6th! It is a triple success by participating in our POPULAR and PROFITABLE fundraiser!

First, for every mini-booklet you sell, you will receive $5.00 back in real Premier money, of which can be used towards anything during our Holiday Sale (equipment, tuition, parties, private lessons, testing, tournament, anything seen in the holiday supplies catalog, or from the pre-order apparel).
*Example: sell 40 books, you get $200, redeemed at the sale*

Secondly, for each 2023 Texas Value Card mini booklet sold, another $5.00 is donated to our local Premier MMA Fight Team. These students work hard and travel to compete at all sorts of events. All money gained will be used for help with their travel and equipment costs.

Third, the user who purchases this booklet, saves lots of money! It is nice when you have a WIN-WIN to help raise money for YOUR use, as well as help others. These sell for only $20 each with 48 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deals. They average $10 – $12 in savings per coupon, the buyer gets their investment back after only 2 uses, books can be used IMMEDIATELY, good until 12-31-2023.

To participate, set the example by purchasing books for yourself. Then, take the order form (or even better), tell us how many books you want to sign out and take the actual books to your workplace, neighborhood or school.

Return your order form with payments and/or any unsold books to Premier Martial Arts Wylie or S. 14th locations by the deadline of Thursday, Sept. 1st.

Any questions, call us: (325) 676-2696 or (325) 704-5454

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