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Belt Graduation Ticket: June 2022

Belt Graduation
$10 Late Fee after June 19th

Event Details

We are very excited to invite you to this day of celebration!

The Premier Quarterly Graduation Experience is for all members ages 5 and up that currently have 2 stripes (on one side of their belt) and will earn their third stripe in classes during final testing on Wednesday or Thursday, June 8th or 9th (or at the make-up day on Saturday the 11th).

Belt graduation is the final step to be recognized for your new rank. It is one big show with everyone together that is a blast and is mandatory to attend. It will be held at a new spacious and comfortable venue, The Dodge Jones Sports Center on Friday, June 24th at 1042 Loop 322 (the huge building by the Zoo) from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

Students should be there by 6:15 pm to line-up, be ready to perform, and enjoy the celebration! We start at 6:30 and should be done by 8:00 pm. Dress in your full program uniform: (no shorts). You must be signed up and have your graduation fee paid 5 days before graduation (Saturday June 19th), for your belt and certificate to be awarded at graduation. Register here at JamesCoxMartialArts.com, with student’s name, current and next belt color and size, with payment of $49). You do not need to register if you are pre-paid from the seasonal sale. A $10 late fee will be applied for registrations after the 19th.

The 3-4-year-old Tiny Champs currently with 2 stripes will graduate during their regular class on Wednesday, June 22nd, or Thursday, June 23rd, but will still need to register online before Tuesday, June 20th.

The only people that WILL NOT be graduating on June 24th are any new white belts that enrolled with less than 6 weeks of training.

Thank you and best wishes!

G.M. James Cox
[email protected]


(Friday) 6:30pm - 8:00pm


Dodge Jones Sports Center
1042 Loop 322

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