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White Belt Buddy Bash

We are so excited for your child to start their journey in the martial arts. As a new student it is important for you to become familiar with other kids in their program. Also, martial arts can be even more exciting with friends they already have. For that reason, your child along with at least one friend are invited to our White Belt Buddy Bash and New Parent Orientation event. In fact, they can bring as many friends as they like. Just be sure the buddy’s parents sign our White Belt Buddy Bash permission slip and that they are on our sign-up list at the front desk.

As a new parent there are many things to learn to make the most of your experience at Premier Martial Arts. For that reason, we will also conduct a New Parent Orientation while the kids have a pizza party with their guests and new friends at Premier Martial Arts. We will go over our new student guide to ensure your family understands how to get the most benefits from our program. Please do not miss this event. If you cannot make it be sure to schedule an appointment with our manager.

You can find out the details of our next two White Belt Buddy Bash events by clicking on this link.

(Please be sure your child wears their PMA uniform and brings their training gear.)

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