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Summer 2020 News

Message from Grand Master James Cox

Hello, I am wishing all the best to everyone, you know with the crazy things in this world going on, from COVID and now these riots, who knows what’s next, we simply just do not know! So, instead of me giving you my opinion on things like that, let me give you 100% FACTS of what I do know for certain… everyone needs to be in martial arts training right now! NO DOUBT and for every reason, from self-protection, peace of mind, physical fitness, health, life-skills, character development, socializing, and SOOO much more. You must come to class (in person or on-line) NO EXCUSES, only results! My team and I are obsessed over our students getting progress, so let’s kick together and stick together.

Parents Train Free in June

Mother’s Day was in May; Father’s Day is in June so our gift and appreciation to you is all parents of students in our schools get a FREE month of classes with no obligation. You can train online or in person. Try our fitness kickboxing (new times Monday thru Thursday at 5:15pm or 8:30pm), we also have our adult self-defense and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class.

Schedule Change on Morning Classes

Beginning Saturday June 6th,  in option #3, the schedule will change to the following, the Monday through Friday evenings remain the same but the morning classes will be as follows: Monday and Wednesday will be held at the Wylie location only. All members from either school can attend, and Saturdays will only be at the South 14th location for everyone, at 9:00am ages 13 & older, 10:15am ages 5-7, and 11:00am ages 8-12.

8 Week Summer Spectacular Themes

From June 8th – August 1st, during the summer, we will do 8 weeks of themed fun for the last 10 minutes of every regular kids class. We will have extra training with surprises changing each week. We kick it off with Secret Ninja Week, then its: Air Force Training, Dodge Ball, Nerf Wars, Board Breaking, UFC MMA, Relay Races, and week #8 ends with Sparring Games.

White Belt Buddy Bash / Parent Orientation

On Fridays June 12th, and July 31st from 6:00pm – 7:00pm at our Wylie location, we will have orientation for all white belt children ages 5 – 12, along with their parents and they are encouraged to bring friends. It is for new members of both locations and held at Wylie from 6:00pm – 7:00pm, we will discuss details regarding our program and answer all questions of things to come.

Women's Self-Defense Class

On Saturday June 13th, 10:00am – 11:30am at our Wylie location we are hosting a free community beginners workshop class for all females ages 15 and older. Females are more often targets of assault, rape, and murder and we want you more prepared for these situations.

June / July Stripe Tests

On Wednesdays or Thursdays, June 24th or 25th and then on July 29th or 30th, during regular classes we will be testing all students on the material we have worked on for those months.

Knife Defense Class

On Saturday June 27th, 10:00am – 11:30am at our Wylie location we are hosting a free community beginners knife defense workshop class for all adults ages 15 and older. Knife attacks are common, very violent and we want to teach some valuable skills to help you stay safe.

Sidekicks / Parents Support Team Meeting

On Saturday June 27th and August 1st, 2:00pm – 3:00pm at the Wylie location. The Sidekicks Team is a PTA kind of thing for our martial arts schools. We need like-minded volunteers wanting to impact our community while improving our events. Sign up TODAY if you are interested in joining the team.

On Sunday June 28th, at Redbud park, 4:00pm – 6:00pm we are having a fun get together with food and festivities, free to all members and families, don’t miss out.

Closed for Independence Day

There will be no classes on Friday July 3rd – Saturday 4th at either location in observation of the holiday.

Parents Night Out Parties Return

On Friday July 17th, 7:00pm – 11pm at the Wylie location. These are held each month at alternating locations and is a great time for parents to enjoy a night out. These are different exciting themes, invite friends and family. The party is $25 per child or just $20 each for 2 or more, which covers pizza, refreshments, games, and tons of fun.

2 Different Summer Camps (Ninja Warrior / Belt Acceleration)


4 days – 16 hours total, full of fun athletic building drills and obstacles to improve your martial arts skills and have a blast. Held Monday July 20th – Thursday July 23rd from 10:00am – 2:00pm at our Wylie location. The total cost is ONLY $159 (bring your lunch).


5 days – 25 hours (equivalent to 3 months of classes) of education, entertainment, and empowerment. Each student should earn a new belt at the end, skipping them ahead one extra belt rank (excluding Red 3 & Black Belts)! Held Monday August 3rd – Friday August 7th from 10:00am – 3:00pm at our S. 14th location. The total cost is ONLY $259 which covers the camp; lunch every day, activities, the test fee, and your official certificate with a new belt.

*For Red 3 & Black Belts, since there will be no belt promotion, belt camp is only $99*

Pre-Pay for both camps by July 1st to get $60 off (you pay $358 instead of $418 & get 2 camps)

Belt Graduation

Saturday August 8th is belt test graduation You must be signed up and have your test fee paid online at EventBrite before Sunday August 2nd for your belt and certificate to be ordered and delivered on time.

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Show your PMA School Spirit

We have FREE auto decals located at the front counter for you to all put on your vehicles and represent the best martial arts school in town. We love seeing our stickers all around Abilene, so get yours on and show your PMA support.

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